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Add- ons

Prices from $35-$75

Aromatherapy Massage Oil


Choose from a selection of the scented massage oils in stock. From our hydrating pumpkin spice, to the invigorating/calming scent of tea tree and even our grounding detox oil from Rescue and Renew.

Activated Isolated Stretching


This technique involves a method of holding a stretch for 2-3 seconds returning to neutral position and continuously for two to three times while guess is breathing deep into the stretches. Helps increase circulation and oxygen to the muscular tissue.

*New* Ear Candling/ Wax Removal

$35- 15-20mins

Small candle used on ear or nose which helps with sinus pain and pressure by gently pulling out any built up ear wax. Can help improve hearing 



Choose from a combo selection of QUL CBD flavors (oils 800mg) (muscles and body cream 400mg) to leave the body feeling happy and relaxed. Comes in mint, vanilla, citrus, green tree or natural hemp.

Dry Pedi


The Dry Pedi includes the use of a dry foot soak and hot towels. It may also intail the use of callus softener, exfoliating seaweed scrub, peeling skin formula mousse, and/or very dry skin formula mousse.



A therapeutic treatment that uses specialized cups to suction onto the skin for several minutes. It helps to release pain, inflammation, blood flow, and cause relaxation.

Hot Stones

$35-25 mins

Hot Stones are used in conjunction with any massage treatment. The heat from the stones will help relax and ease tense muscles, as well as soft tissues throughout the body.



Sand bags are heated to 165° and layed onto designated areas of high tension or tightness, where normal massage means cannot reach, for 20 mins. This procedure is usually used in chiropractors offices.



Great care is taken during this message to help loosen muscles and joints, benefiting the mind, body and spirit by increasing circulation and energy levels.

Must have passed the first trimester.

Chemical Peel


A chemical exfoliating treatment to remove the outer dead layer of skin cells. A comfortable wat to exfoliating the skin and treat sun damage, dark spots, wrinkles, clogged pores, uneven skin tone and texture irregularities. If ant redness occurs, the appearance will dissipate within a few hours. Depending on the strength of the peel solution used, your skin may be dry for 2-10 days. Choice of chemical solution used will be discussed prior to the session.

Microcurrent Treatment

$50- 30mins 

Using a low-grade electrical current to train your facial muscles to appear more lifted, tightened and firm. This treatment is also known as a 'non-invasive facelift"  

Pumpkin Spice


Enjoy the smell of the season with the add-on of pumpkin spice. This additional piece will scrub your worries away, as well as hydrate your skin with pumpkin spice scrub, cream and oils.

Resume and Renew Scrub

$35- 25mins

An add-on of detox scrub, moisturizing gelée and sealed in with a aromatherapy warming oils from Arbonne. Will have your body feeling invigorated and soft.

Sound Shower


Crystal bowls are tapped to emit soothing vibrations and hums as it is circulated around the body to help balance out chakras, cleanse out negative energy and bring good energy towards the person.

Cancellation Policies

Please make any changes to your services, time or type of service within 24 hours prior to your appointment. We charge 100% of any missed appointments or same-day cancellation